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14 Mei 2009

English Version for LOVE

Life is just amazing
Start with a straight way
Soon enough you'll find one turn
Now you think, it could be more than just a straight way

On the time when you so sure that you can find your own way
You'll find the same place again, again, and again
So, where are you now?
No more straight way huh?

Vision of the future even farther away from you
Life is not as easy as it was before
Suddenly you can be at the bottom
Suddenly you can fly so high

End of day
When you say 'Thank god is over!'
That day that you knew, its just another new start

Life is endless journey of love
Over the same way but never the same at the end
Virtually set up an end to be a new start
Ending with no more time running by your side


08 Mei 2009

My self on a mirror

I used to say 'I'll keep her in my heart'
But now years after I loosing my sight of her nothing seem moving forward
I used to say 'I hope I can found you, somewhere'
But in the end, I'll just have to find my self, again

I keep looking my self on the mirror
I keep on seeing the same face
I say to the mirror
See, even now you found your self all alone

Well, I had a dream
A story about love and the future
A long lasting romance of life
But I say 'it'll be just a dream'
No such as romance
No such as love story
No one, nothing
No such a story been written on my fateline

We are story writer
But we can’t just write it down as what we want it to be
That's what dream is all about
A story that we can not write all the time

When a dream seem farther
Again I'll ask my self
Did I get my self lonely?
Did I really want to make it real?
And then what I've done?

Silence caught me once again
No real answer for any of those questions
Before another wound appear on my heart
There'll be no answer good enough for every question

18 April 2009

Neverending Why

Why I keep angry to you?

Because I knew that you like me or I like you

Why I keep my self silence?

Because I had to do something or upset

Why I keep my self doing nothing to you?

Because you are something beautiful or you did the same to me

Why I always say your name?

Because I don't know why

Why I make you hate me?

Because I'm in love with you

Why I'm in love with you?

It can be anything

Why I write such a strange words?

Because my heart say so

Why I keep remember you?

Because you make me do so

Why you want me to be your brother?


why I keep my self asking why?

because i want you to know it...


I'll answer because you'll keep asking why

29 Maret 2009

Disgusting Creature

People will never call my name.
They will never touch me.
They will not think about me.
I will not think about them.

They are not my friend.
The only friend for me is lonely.
No one take care of me, not even me.

I live on the place where nobody lives
Darkness is my neighbor.
My lovely home is darkest site of heart.

I can't smile, laugh, feeling happy, or falling in love.
Anger, hatred, greed, cry, and sad is my favorite words.
I don't have any thanks on my dictionary.

I can only think badly.
I can only talk badly.
I can only do something badly.

If you call it disgusting, then I call it beautiful.
If you call me disgusting, then I'll say "Yes, that's me!"
If you say "You're not disgusting!", then I'll cry.
And if you say "you just like me...", then I'll die.

01 Maret 2009

Morning Walk

That early morning.
A foggy day came with sharp wind over my face.
as I walk a long the path across the park. I saw a girl surrounded by the fog.
She just sit on a chair beside a fountain .... I saw her eyes.... It seem she's crying...
then the fog disappearing...
when again I try to see her... she smile to me... then she run...